I help build bigger and better artists in the world



You know how some artists are their own worst enemy?
Well I help heal what is beneath that.

Using what I’ve learnt to build a successful career as an artist with what I’ve seen
and heard about people’s lives in my role as a psychologist, I’ve figured out
a lot about what makes us do what we do.

What makes us want success as an artist so badly but when it
comes to making a choice to dig deep
create something personal we don’t do it?

Or why do we feel so guilty when we put our art making
before being with our children, even just for one hour?

Or why is it that we don’t sell well?

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Artist Testimonials

What others have said about working with Felicity



Belinda Lindhardt - Testimonial

Working with Felicity in This Creative Life has been such an amazing experience. I have previously tried to work through ‘The Artist’s Way’ book on my own but just wasn’t able to get there. I was feeling quite blocked in my arts practice but wasn’t able to work out why. The book takes your hand and guides you to working out where you need to go and having the support of the other women in the group has been wonderful, I know I wouldn’t have been able to work through it without them. I highly recommend this course if you are feeling blocked in your creative life, I know I will take this all with me well beyond the 12 weeks its something that will stay with me for life!


Belinda Lindhardt

Artist & Designer, creativehardt

Ebony- Testimonial

When I was a young girl I wanted to be an artist 'when I grew up'. I still feel like that but something is holding me back, I am waiting for something. I cripple myself with self doubt to the point where I can't start. I heard Felicity speaking earlier this year and really resonated with the topics of self talk, art scars & creative blocks. I realized that I needed to do something to reshape my future. I couldn't continue to 'exist' but not live. Thus began my journey into unblocking my creativity and uncovering a better me. The Artist's Way and Felicity's course came to me at the right time. I am slowly working through the book and the teachings, and partnered with the weekly live calls I am getting the accountability that I need to keep pushing forward.
Felicity is calm, patient and understanding.

Having the support of the other creative ladies in the group also helps to uncover insights that perhaps would not have occur
red to me on my own. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels a deep calling to create, in whatever form that takes for them.





I really got into the process with the feedback and support of others in our group. I doubt I would have carried through with it by just reading the book. Talking about each chapter as we went also helped ensure we all knew what was meant by the content. Doing the  morning pages and discussing our artists dates was very beneficial.
Sharing selfies of artists dates encouraged others to do theirs as well.
Having a successful artist and psychologist running the program was encouraging.  I told my daughter to try the program as I feel she like all of us has to unblock




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