Tracey-Maree Smith is an Australian artist who thinks she is born an artist as she possesses the quality of being an artist – introvert, empathic, loner, etc.
  • When she was young, she wanted to become an Art teacher
  • Started an art business with 2 friends in Newcastle but she ended up burnt out as she just wanted to paint without having to tell clients to change her work, etc.
  • As a designer, she was very corporate and simple and minimalist, as a painter she wants to make a mess and paint intuitively
  • She talked about her artist’s journey – from not knowing where/what to do to being a finalist to different prestigious art prizes
  • Being a designer is part of her story because that is her life
  • She’s a full-time parent and if she has an exhibition coming up she spends 20-30 hours holding the brush
  • She also talked about her meditation retreat where she donated a painting to raise money for a good cause
Check out her art work through her website.
Find her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.

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