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22 – Kate Von Rock

Kate is a qualified printmaker and painter based in Tasmania. a ’born' artist, she was the only one who showed artistic aptitude among her siblings started winning art awards at a young age of 13 or 14 her mum pushed the business side of art and she gets support from...
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21 – Introvert Artists Hear This

Inspired from the beautiful online community of 'From The Easel' and my online courses - The Artist's Way and Art Activator program, I'm becoming increasingly aware of how the introverts manage their situations! introverts require to trust introverts need to recharge...
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20 – Dealing With Creative Blocks

In this podcast episode, I talked about my most absolute favorite book 'The Artist's Way' and down further about dealing with creative blocks one of the difficult things that most creative people cling to is the toxic patterns that might block their creative flow...
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13 – Natalie Verriest – Emerging artist growth

Show Notes Studied art in high school and really liked it but she had this deception that studying art is "my fun/ least serious subject." She went travelling for 8 months to think about what she really wanted to do and ended up deciding that she wanted to study...

12 – The Artist’s Way Intro Podcast

Show Notes: The Artist’s Way is a book which was written over 20 years ago and most probably the most powerful processes that I've ever engaged in It is highly recommended to artists of all natures Focuses on creative blocks which includes procrastination, jealousy,...

11 – Simone Dennis

Simone Dennis is a good friend who I've had the pleasure of working with. She runs an art gallery and a retail shop on the Central Coast of NSW. We talked about her support for young artists and running a business, etc. and also about her perspective (and a gallery's...

The Art of Social Media – Featured Article Breeze Magazine

I was delighted to have recently been featured in an article on The Art of Social Media - in  Breeze Magazine Central Coast... source from: Breeze Magazine by Jessica Gledhill The rise of social media has been a game changer for the Arts, toppling ivory towers and...

Podcast 09 – Richard Claremont

Show Notes: Richard is an artist based on the South Coast and has a Bachelor of Arts from the Sydney College of the Arts His career started to take off a couple of years ago when he became more intentional with his art practice...

Theatre Of U Podcast Interview

Had fun being interviewed by Heidi Alexandra Pollard on her Theatre of U podcast. To catch more juicy news, click here. Visit Heidi Alexandra Pollard here:

Art Prizes: why you’re not entering them

Show notes: Prizes - should they enter, should they not enter? It's the cost of the game. You've got the jump in and you've got to expect that it's going to happen Factors into entering prizes that is out of control Many artists take it to heart and feel depressed and...

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