Kate is a qualified printmaker and painter based in Tasmania.

  • a ’born’ artist, she was the only one who showed artistic aptitude among her siblings
  • started winning art awards at a young age of 13 or 14
  • her mum pushed the business side of art and she gets support from both her parents
  • getting noticed is the issue most artists have
  • sold her first painting at 17 and had had 46 exhibitions at 39
  • she always focuses on the business/ marketing side of her art career
  • ‘when we start to lose ego and start nurturing each other, we benefit’
  • all artists that we support share the same value
  • we cut out the deadweight and keep it clean and beautiful for the others
  • along with rejections – she has gained personal growth
  • we need the downs and the ups – that’s how we find balance
  • you create your own luck
  • There’s nothing better than community with like-minded people

You can reach Kate via her Facebook page and the Haus Creative’s Facebook page