Gabby Malpas, a New Zealand born artist living in Sydney is becoming very well known for her still life art. In this podcast episode, Felicity O’Connor chats with Gabby about licensing her artwork.

Gabby shares what her personal experience has been to cause her to license her art. She provides advice for artists on what they can do with their art work when it comes to selling their art.

Felicity and Gabby talk through:

  • Licensing and how this equates to royalties.  Once an image of her art is sold, a percentage of this goes straight to her and Gabby explains how this percentage is worked out.
  • Copyrighting and how this is automatically in effect for all Australian artists
  • The importance of having legal agreements in writing always!
  • What comes around goes around.  Gabby’s belief that you should be supporting your fellow artists and why.
  • The definition of success for Gabby and why this isn’t about money or Instagram followers