Driven by an outside force…

“As an abstract artist I’m interested in pursuing intelligent paintings that not only convey an energy and urgency, but that also have a considered structure created by using shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks. Painting for me is an opportunity to show the bare truth of what I see and feel about the world. I hope that in capturing these essences, my viewers feel a resonance in what they see in my work.”

Felicity O’Connor

“Felicity O’Connor has achieved a remarkable ability to combine vibrant and compelling colours within a flowing and overlapping composition. Every time I look at a canvas, my eyes are led in different directions across, around, and into an irresistible entanglement! Felicity is extremely professional and efficient. She has twice shipped her paintings to me 13,000 kilometres across the Pacific to their new home in Canada. “

John Mellow

Vancouver, Canada.

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