Have you ever wondered exactly what fixative is the right one for what you’re painting with?
Have you worried that what’s actually in your oil paint might be toxic?
Are you feeling confident in how to use mediums and what the options are?

Join us LIVE on Tuesday 7th of November at 7pm AEDT to get these (and more) of your questions answered!

Well you’re in for a treat!! All your technical and material questions can finally be asked with NO shame attached!!! From the Easel and the Art Activator program are thrilled to have as our guest the awesome and amazingly knowledgable Edward Gee who owns ‘The Pigment Lab’, a fab art supplies shop in Newtown in Sydney. He has a wealth of experience both in Australia and the UK in all things technique. I love talking to Edward as he always has a great ‘art disaster’ story to tell me from artists that come into his shop looking for his help!

Please join us LIVE on Tuesday 7th of November at 7pm AEDT where you can jump on and ask all the questions you’ve been wondering about and we will do our best to get you the answers you’ve been looking for!

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