Abstract Landscape Artist

“Landscape is the beginning point of inspiration for me but back in the studio, the work quickly moves on from being representational, to a process of ‘borrowing’ ideas, marks and relationships from that place. I believe that my work should convey how I’ve experienced both the landscape and the making of the work. Painting for me isn’t about carefully arranging and planning something that is appealing or representational, but more about exposing my true involvement with making that painting and creating something new in that moment”.

Felicity O’Connor

“A painter’s first duty is to be free” – Phillip Guston

Abstract Landscape Artist Australia - Felicity O'Connor

“Felicity O’Connor has achieved a remarkable ability to combine vibrant and compelling colours within a flowing and overlapping composition. Every time I look at a canvas, my eyes are led in different directions across, around, and into an irresistible entanglement! Felicity is extremely professional and efficient. She has twice shipped her paintings to me 13,000 kilometres across the Pacific to their new home in Canada. “

John Mellow

Vancouver, Canada.