Are you someone who is highly creative but somehow your creative time gets constantly pushed to the bottom of the list each week?



Global research on creativity conducted by a firm called ‘StrategyOne’ (2012) conducted surveys of 5,000 adults across five different countries and found that 75% of people felt they were not living up to their creative potential. This is YOUR chance to change how you are feeling about your creativity.


This 7 day creativity challenge will bring your creativity to the top of that list! Follow the easy daily step by step exercises over seven days and you will be amazed at how you will be reconnected to your inner artist and can keep her at the top of your priority list, just where she should be!

So how do we get back on track doing more creative things each day?  Join us in this 7 day challenge where you will be sent daily emails with a challenge task to do each day which includes some journaling, some creative tasks and some mindset work (don’t worry, most of this is done in the privacy of your own home!)


A noticeable increase in your connection with your creativity PLUS you will feel ready to keep up the momentum!

You will be able to prioritise making some art or creative time during the week with out the guilt!


Come and join us NOW, jump in here: