I have had a fantastic week this week and a really interesting session with my Mastermind group which I run once a fortnight with an online group of 4 artists at the moment. We talked about some fantastic juicy stuffs that comes up for us in a few weeks while we were creating, just a general lot as an artist and what we’ve been up to, how we can improve on things, what we need an accountability on. This week we had a great discussion getting back on the wagon so we’re talking about those times where you really lose that connection to what you’re doing, we’re losing motivation and there’s something with those lines. There was some really good suggestions which I thought was worth showing with you guys. Things like getting in touch with what inspires you. Julie Cameron, who wrote a book called “The Artist’s Way” wrote about having an artist date. Having a date means something that really gets you going and inspires whether it’s a walk or a swim or going to an exhibition. I find it going to exhibitions really usually excite me tremendously to get back into the studio and connect with what I am doing – that’s definitely one thing that I would be doing to get back on the wagon. It might be cleaning up your space, even buying some new materials if you can. You know sometimes it’s even just about taking the pressure off yourself, just allowing yourself to doodle or do some simple drawing exercises something that’s going to loosen up the pressure that you might be feeling and if you go in your mind that you need to make work to sell, it can really interrupt that creative flow. So it’s super important to take the pressure off yourself, if you’re feeling you’re not connecting that well and just try to loosen up in the actual art-making process itself. I think that’s always a great idea and there’s plenty of exercises around all of the stuff that you can do.
  • So this week what’s your artist date going to be?
  • Where are you going to go?
  • What are you going to do to connect to that inspiration again?
  • And if you are a member of our fantastic Facebook group “From the Easel” then come over and mention it. Share it there – what you’ve been doing with your artist’s date.
  • And if you’re not a member, well you should be. So come on over and join us “From the Easel.” It’s a beautiful community to connect to
  •  and as I was saying again to my Mastermind group this week:
  • we don’t have to do this alone,we can connect to each other, that’s something that is so important to getting back on the wagon, back on the horse, to know that there are people or artists that really understand the ups and downs of this process.
I’m getting back to brushes and paints so I hope that you really have a creative week and I will pop in again soon. Bye!