Simone Dennis is a good friend who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She runs an art gallery and a retail shop on the Central Coast of NSW.

We talked about her support for young artists and running a business, etc. and also about her perspective (and a gallery’s perspective) for artists who are new to approaching galleries.

Show Notes:

  • Simone’s always been creative in whatever she does and she ended up in art school in Tasmania (Hobart School of Arts)
  • The way she runs her own art gallery is a direct result of her experience as a teenager going to art school and how she felt when she was in art school
  • She left art school and travelled before she started creating jewellery – Simone was keen on photography, printmaking, drawing, etc.
  • She considers herself a “jewellery-a-holic”
  • Guiding artists to approach galleries
  • Respect yourself and respect your work
  • Social media is a great platform to show your work

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