I’ve just had a fantastic break away and sort of getting back into the painting process this week. One of the things I wanted to talk about briefly was Networking and what you do to network? I was up in Byron Bay in NSW and I was up to meet this whole lot of creative people and start conversations. We found common ground, visited galleries, met more people along the way, finding out what they do, who they know, where they buy their supplies and heaps more. I always think it’s amazing how opportunities come out of all that networking and I think it is a key piece in terms of growing yourself creatively and growing your art career and perhaps, even growing your confidence in what you’re doing. It is super fun and is a really beautiful, creative part of our journey.
So don’t hold back! Make sure you get out, maybe go to an opening this week if you’re close by to something you can attend and rub shoulders with people. Even for us introverts – and yeah I am definitely an introvert – I found this a fantastically creative and interesting way to grow myself and what I am doing. I highly recommend it.
There’s so many opportunities that come my way just by turning up, being willing to show myself, meet people, ask questions and be part of exhibitions – it’s all part of networking. So that’s my tip for the week, otherwise, let’s go back to the studio, let’s get some work done, rediscover drawings this week, I found that it’s been a fantastic kick start to my creative process into developing some further work!
Have a fantastic creative week and I will see you again soon!