This week I’ve been thinking about our Artist’s Story.

What I mean by that is the history that we have with our creativity. I’ve been creating a workbook which I am really excited to share with you in the not-too-distant future. It hasn’t been released yet but I’ve been thinking about how creatively important this is – to know your artist’s story. Things like who influenced you when you were young and what creativity meant growing up.

There are so many experiences that lead us to be a creative person. A lot of that comes from our artist’s story: what we were told, who influenced us, who supported us, what beliefs there were going on around being an artist and how you navigated all of that.

Many artists that I talked to battled with their artist’s story until they got to understand it and know it and release themselves from some of those stories – they had a bit of a tough time coming and going from what they’re trying to do as an artist. It’s a really great thing to know.